Corporate Tax and Reorganizations

Corporate Tax and Reorganizations

At Vine and Partners, we know that a client’s tax needs go far beyond the compliance obligations of filing returns and paying taxes. At Vine, we proactively provide our clients with the corporate tax information they need to minimize their taxes, to keep up with the never ending cycle of tax changes and to protect their businesses from tax penalties.

Vine and Partners offers a full range of corporate compliance services, including federal and provincial tax returns, Canadian treaty based returns, GST/HST returns, preparing and filing capital dividend elections and other tax elections, assisting with payroll source deductions, filing of T4s/T4A and other tax reporting slips.

In the event that you do get on the wrong side of the Canada Revenue Agency, we are prepared to stand with you and guide you through any interactions that you may have with the CRA, whether that be reassessments, filing Notices of Objection, audits or voluntary disclosures.

It is difficult to think of business decisions today that don’t have tax implications. For many profitable corporations, corporate income taxes represent one of the largest expenses of the business. Finding strategies for minimizing these taxes can give a corporation a cost advantage over its competitors. In today’s tough business environment this could be the difference between truly competing and thriving, or just surviving.

Due to the changing tax and business environments, the corporate structures that once served the company well may no longer work. The tax professionals at Vine and Partners have the experience you need to help you plan for the evolution of your business, whether that is the incorporation of a proprietorship or partnership, the acquisition or sale of a business, or the restructuring of your corporation through mergers or wind-ups. We are here to provide you with the tax minimization structures your business needs.