Staff Profiles


Darryl Knechtel

CPA, CA, B.Comm
(905) 549-8463 Ext. 235

Darryl is a senior partner and has been with the Vine and Partners LLP for over 25 years. As a CPA Chartered Accountant, Darryl helps his clients with the intricacies of government tax compliance and assists organizations in their financial reporting. With a comprehensive knowledge of internal controls and document management flow as well as in-depth knowledge of budgeting and cash flow management Darryl is a great resource to his clients.

With over thirty years experience Darryl is an expert at helping small business and not-for-profit organizations. He understands their unique financial needs and is committed to helping them grow their business.

His client base covers a wide range of industry sectors and his community involvement has enhanced the accounting solutions that Vine and Partners LLP can offer its clients. He is a trusted advisor and enjoys assisting those that lack financial expertise or resources such as charitable organizations.

Darryl is a strong leader with excellent interpersonal skills. He is a believer in the value of customer service which is reflected in all of his relationships with clients and the entire Vine and Partners LLP team.