Staff Profiles


Walter Williams


(905) 549-8463 Ext. 237

A senior partner with Vine and Partners LLP, Walter is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) and Certified Exit Planner. His specialized areas of expertise all combine to offer clients a diverse set of skills that will assist in developing innovative strategies to grow and preserve their businesses.

The enhancement, preservation and monetization of a business’ value are the most critical considerations for any business owner. Walter, in utilizing his CBV expertise can assess opportunities for a business to enhance and grow its value. His Exit planning skills and experience assist in providing guidance and strategies for the eventual sale or transition of our clients’ businesses.

Walter has had opportunities to work with many entrepreneurs in a wide spectrum of industries. With his team at Vine, he has embraced and recognized that personalized service, attention to detail and the provision of innovative solutions are basic expectations of any entrepreneur. Walter makes it a personal commitment and responsibility to his clients to not only meet this basic expectation of service, but to exceed it.

He continues to enjoy the privilege of working with entrepreneurs in applying his experience and knowledge as a member of their trusted advisory team and he looks forward to speaking with you regarding the opportunities you have to grow your business.